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Combining my love of lino printing with graphic design

I’ve recently design the logo for a local manufacturer of printing presses and inks Hawthorn Printmaking Supplies. They’re a lovely family owned business based in Murton, ion the outskirts of York. It’s where I buy all my printmaking supplies from too.

I start by sketching ideas, transferring these onto lino before cutting the design and then printing it. I then scan the image in, cleaning it up and work it through into a Vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator. This enables the designed to be used at any scale without loss of resolution. I design several layout ideas with different combinations of fonts to show to my client. From here it’s a few final tweaks from feedback and creating print and digital ready files.

I’ve been designing adverts for up and coming print fairs and am currently designing their product catalogue.

Find out more here

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