The broken wrist challenge

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

When I wrote my business plan I certainly didn’t expect to be off work with a broken wrist for 2 months in my first year! I did it in style, two breaks and a fracture. My right wrist and one very heavy cast. A designers worst nightmare!!!

My clients have been incredibly understanding. I’d been able to a few things and others I’d been able to delay. I was limited to what I could do and for how long. Just the sheer weight of my first cast had my back and shoulders in knots. I had swap to using a mouse in my left and clicking short cuts with my right. I was hard to spend 2 hours painfully doing something with lots of breaks and then only be able to invoice for 30 mins, the time it would normally take me. It did mean I kept those clients that needed things urgently.

To my delight I received a thank you card and these fabulous notebooks in the post from a client I’d designed a flyer for.

Time to reflect

On the whole I took this as a time to reflect on my first year in business.

What direction did I want the business to go in? What worked? What didn’t? What did I enjoy the most or the least? What is my niche?

I also used it as time catch up on all those things I hadn’t had time to do. Things that would feed into my business but that didn’t pay the bills directly. I did my tax return too!

Here's a snap shot of my first year in businesses.

Time to experiment and learn

I was challenged to think of new ways to be creative. I couldn’t linocut, draw very well or make things. I really needed an outlet for my creativity. Hawthorns Printmaking Supplies kindly lent me a printing press, so that I could play with new techniques. I created a sketch book full of ideas that I could look back at an incorporate into my designs in the future.

I also got to grips with iMovie, which I used to create the above video.