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2017 My printmaking year in pictures

It’s that time of year where we reflect on our past year. Everyone has different ways of doing this. As I’m a very visual person, I like to create vision boards, gathering together my thoughts so that they really do stick in my mind and give me sense of achievement. So I thought I’d share those images with you.

Firstly I wanted to thank you all, for making 2017 one amazing year. I really do mean that. It wouldn’t be without the help and support of all my friends, family, clients, customers and other small businesses that I collaborate with, that I would be where I am now. For me it’s important to be with people that share my values, vision and dreams. I really feel that I’ve grown, flourished and sparkled and best of all inspired people.

I’ve been running my business for 18 months now. My work has all come organically through recommendations. In that very first year I managed to break my wrist in three places. When your right handed, a designer and live on your own, it not fun at all!

As soon as my cast came off I had and extremely busy July and August catching up with things. I was a graphic designer by day and printmaker by evening and weekend. The York Open Studios submission needed to be in for September and I needed to create a body of work for the York Printmakers Autumn Fair. I’d applied for YOS the previous year and not been accepted, so I really worked my socks off to get everything just right. As my mum will say, I’m very determined. If I put my mind to something and have a clear goal or vision, I will get there in time.

I’ll be taking a break over Christmas and New Year, so my studio will be closed from 5pm Thur 21 Dec to 9am Wed 3 Jan. In practice, I’ve no doubt I’ll be tinkering and making things, as well as gathering and planning ideas for next year!

So thank you again for making 2017 a truly phenomenal year.

I wander what 2018 will bring!

Here's a link to my 2017 graphic design newsletter and here's a link to my printmaking newsletter. If you'd like to join my mailing list for more little updates like this get in touch here. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


PS. If you need a last minute gift idea for Christmas, why not ‘gift an experience’ with one of my linocut workshops. 2018 dates are booking up fast.