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Beginners linocut workshops: Summer 2023

Updated: 1 day ago

Some photos from each of my linocut workshops through the summer. I'll add photos from each workshop as I teach them.

Tuesday 23 May 2023 - Introduction to linocut printing

The first of this year's summer lino print workshops with Sara, Amanda, Eileen and Gina. Inspiration came from Cornish rock pools, precious stones, Gina’s paintings and Northumberland’s Sycamore gap. Everyone chose their own colour, which was mixed using Hawthorn’s oil-based inks. A lovely creative day with lunch and tea and cake in my sunny garden.

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

"Understanding how to cut and print and putting it into practice. Lots of information in a relaxed atmosphere."

"Learning and improving a creative skill. Learning how to use the tools correctly. Spending time with a nice group of people. Sharing ideas and encouragement."

"Learning how to ink up properly and using good quality inks."

"Learning about cutting the lino and the different marks it can make. Seeing other participants' work has been useful."

Monday 5 June 2023 - Mixed-level lino print workshop

This has been my first mixed-level lino print workshop. Hannah created a robin lino print based on a photo from her garden and Fiona, a stone circles landscape, to practice her mark-making techniques. Bernadette and Pam used the jigsaw lino print technique to create 2 colour prints of a wren and Clive the clown.

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

"Learning how to make a lino print! And seeing other people make a jigsaw lino print. I’ve enjoyed having a small group and one-to-one help."

"Trying new techniques and types of pictures. Opportunity to practice, ask questions and discuss. Nice surroundings and weather!"

"A relaxed atmosphere, good fun and learning new techniques. Picking up lots of tips and tricks to use again at home."

"Learning how to do a jigsaw linocut."

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