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Printmaking and Linocut Print Books

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

These are a selection of my favourite printmaking books and magazines.

How to make a linocut print books

Linocut for Artists and Designers

by Nick Morely

Published by The Crowood Press

Nick Morely's book Linocut for Artists and Designers is perfect as a beginners guide to linocut print. I've also found it extremely useful to re-read and use as reference as my work has developed over the years.

Jackson's Art blog - Linocut for Artists and Designers gives a good insight into the book. It also shows example pages from the book too.

Making an Impression - Designing and creating artful stamps

by Gennie D Zlatkis

Published by Lark

Making an Impression is about stamping onto home accessories and cards. It has step by step instructions for stamping onto different materials, such as paper, fabric and terracotta. Hand carved stamps are made using easy carve lino or erasers. The book has 20 craft projects you can try at home.

Fresh Prints - 25 easy and enticing print projects to make at home

by Christine Leech

Published by Quadrille

Fresh Prints is a stamping based book with craft project ideas for home accessories, clothing and accessories.

Linocut print books for inspiration