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- Yes, so ... - I had no desire to continue the conversation at all. Ruined the evening, asshole.

- And me too. He smiled broadly, pulling his face closer, but his eyes remained sharp. - Not everyone is as lucky as yesterday's freaks. Such luck is… well, I don’t know, it rarely happens very often. In short, let's go onlinecasinoluxembourg.

He took out a purse, laid it out on the table, showing a bundle of dollars and rubles.

- Informal! How much for two?

The bartender looked at me in surprise, then at him. It was time make sudden movements. I pulled back slightly.

- What else? After all, we agreed! - Igorek turned to me with his whole body.

“I’ll step back for a minute, powder my nose.”

- What? BUT! Well, yes! Igorek grinned, removed his hand.


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