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'Applecross from Skye',
Scotland – Original Linocut Print

The inspiration for this print came from a photo I took of the Island of Skye from the Applecross Peninsula.

I was supposed to be cycling along the north west coast but broke my wrist on the first day. We managed to salvage a couple of days in Applecross and were blessed with stunning weather and views.

Limited edition linocut print.

Edition of 60

Image size 160 x 160mm
Mount aperture 190 x 190mm

Mount outer 305 x 305mm

Mounted £80

Unframed prints 

Please see my online shop.


Framed prints

Please see my printmaking FAQ page.

Please note that due to the nature of linocut printing being a handmade process, variation will occur.This adds to their individuality by making each print unique.

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