Hello, I'm Michelle a printmaker and graphic designer based in York, UK.

For 25 years I’d been designing homeware and fashion ranges for a series of large corporate companies such as Disney, George Home at Asda, Arcadia and Shared Earth.

In June 2016 I took the leap of faith to set up my own business, initially in graphic design, then printmaking.

I now create linocut prints inspired by local landscapes, landmarks and nature. This gives me the opportunity to bring together things I love as part of my job; craft, photography, colour, nature and exploring.

I have always loved working with my hands and making things.  I like the spontaneity of making marks with the tools, the quality of line and the graphic style of the final print. It enables me to distil the landscape down into simple lines.


Camera in hand I love exploring the countryside by bike or on foot, capturing ideas for my next prints.

Back in my garden studio, I create simple but stylised silhouettes based on my photographs.

I cut these shapes into lino and hand print them using oil-based inks to create tonal blocks of colour.

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A Bit of History


Linocut Commissions

National Trust – A series of twelve linocut designs to be used in marketing materials for Sutton Hoo.

 ‘A Landscape Speaks’ tells the story of how people and nature have shaped and left their mark at Sutton Hoo. The site in Suffolk is a group of Anglo-Saxon burial mounds from the 6th and 7th centuries. I will be sharing how I created the linocuts once the project is live. 

Graphic Design

Michelle Hughes Design – Nutrition in York, Bumble Wrap, O'Crumbs, Choice Therapy, MI Pilates York, Hawthorn Printmaking Supplies, Glamoraks, Littlefairs Property Company, Old Forge York, Calendaz to name but a few.


Shared Earth – Head of Design

Room for Design – Senior Designer (clients included Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, The Bowes Museum, Dales Countryside Museum)  

Homeware Design

George Home, Asda – Design Manager Cook & Dine

Disney Consumer Products – Pan European Creative Manager, Disney Home Europe

Fair Trade Homeware and Gift Design

Shared Earth – Head of Design

Rajana Crafts, Cambodia – Product development and marketing

Fashion and Textile Design

 The Arcadia GroupFreemans Plc, River Island – Senior Designer

My Interests

I love crafts, cycling, walking, yoga, gardening, cooking, photography, up-cycling, nature, travel and adventures. Read more about my walking and cycling trips under the inspiration category in my blog.

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