Hello, I'm Michelle Hughes, a printmaker and designer based in York, North Yorkshire.

I create linocut prints inspired by local landscapes, landmarks and nature. Much of my work depicts the Yorkshire landscape and Yorkshire coast, including the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors.

This gives me the opportunity to bring together things I love. Making things, photography, colour, nature and exploring by bike or on foot.

I have always loved working with my hands and making things. I like the spontaneity of making marks with the tools, the quality of line and the graphic style of the final linocut print. It enables me to distil the landscape down into simple lines.

A short introduction about how I work. Video by BeetrootBox.

From the beginning

I’ve always loved making things and being creative. My favourite phrase was, and still is “I could make that”. If I don’t know how to, I’ll certainly have a go.


Sewing, crafts and baking were my biggest interests. In my early teens I made soft toys that I would sell to a local gift shop in my home town of Stratford-upon-Avon. I still have the costing and sales book I kept track of it all in! An early entrepreneur in the making!! I went on to make all my own clothes.



At school my strongest subjects had been maths, sewing, art and the sciences. I didn’t have a particular ‘I want to be something’ when I grew up. I just knew I liked making things.

I graduated from Solent University, Southampton 1991 with a HND in Fashion Design. I have been lucky enough to be working as a designer ever since.


Early career

From 1991 to 2015 I worked my way up the career ladder in fashion, textile design and homeware. Designing for high street retailers such as The Arcadia Group, Freeman’s catalogue and Disney. You may well own something designed by me already!


In search of more meaning

 In 2015 I quit my job to go backpacking around South East Asia for a year. I spent four months in Cambodia volunteering for a Fair Trade gift company.


Moving to York - a happy accident 

On my return I looked for a job in fair trade. Moving to York to be  Head of Design for Shared Earth, developing homeware and gifting ranges. 


Not everything goes to plan

Redundancy struck and after a maternity cover role as a graphic designer, I moved on to be the Design Manager for the Cook and Dine range at George Home. 


Sewing the seeds of change

My 4th redundancy  in January 2016 was the opportunity, be it a scary one, to make a big lifestyle change. So with one big shove, off I went. This was the beginning of my journey into self employment. I started my own business in June 2016.


Following my dreams - A tale of two halves

Initially I set my business up purely as a graphic designer, offering design support to local business. That made sense and in time would pay the bills.


I had no intention of becoming an artist. I’d always seen making crafts and art as a hobby. After all, it’s very hard to make a living from it. 


Four years on and my focus is now on printmaking. I do some graphic design jobs if they fit my style. As well as selling my linocut prints through galleries, print fairs, open studios and my online shop, I also run linocut workshops in my studio. I’ve also created illustration commissions for marketing and books. 

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Selected clients

Linocut illustrations for the National Trust’s Sutton Hoo and book publishers. 


Graphic design for Waves and Wild, Old Forge York, Bumble Wrap, O'Crumbs Bakes, Choice Therapy York, Hawthorn Printmaking Supplies, Glamoraks and Nutrition in York to name but a few.

Want to work together?

If you're interested in commissioning or collaborating on an illustration project, then I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at michellehughesdesign@outlook.com


My brief history and CV

1971 Born in Coventry and grew up in Stratford Upon Avon.

1987 - 1991 ND design and HND in Fashion Design.

1991 Moved to London.

1991 - 2003 Fashion and textile design for The Arcadia Group, Freemans Plc, River Island. 

2003 - 2005 Pan European Creative Manager for Disney Home Europe.

2005 - 2006 Career break, traveling and volunteering. Product development for Rajana Crafts, Cambodia. 

2006 Moved to York.

2006 - 2009 Design Manager for Fair Trade homeware and gift at Shared Earth, York. 

2009 - 2011 Graphic Design for Room for Design. 

2011 - 2016 Design Manager for the cook and dine range at George Home, Asda. 

2016 Michelle Hughes Design was born.

My Interests and hobbies

I love crafts, cycling, walking, yoga, gardening, cooking, photography, up-cycling, nature, travel and adventures. Read more about my walking and cycling trips under the inspiration category in my blog.

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