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Printmaking FAQs

For delivery and returns FAQ's see my Delivery Information page.

What is a linocut print?

A linocut is a relief print made when lines are carved into a lino block. The uncarved areas are inked up using a roller and then printed. The removed areas remain the colour of the paper. Think of it like a homemade stamp.

Multiples of the same image can be printed from the same block with variations in colour.

What is an original print?

​This is an artwork that has been individually hand made and printed by the artist from a block, plate, stone or stencil. This is not a reproduction.


What is a limited edition print?

Prints are made in small numbers to a limited amount. Once that number has been printed the original block is destroyed. As an example, limited edition prints are depicted by 1/60, 2/60 etc written underneath each print.


What is a giclée print?

A giclée print is a high-quality reproduction, often digitally printed. These can be limited editions.

How do you make a linocut print?

You can see examples of how I make my linocut prints in my blog section Studio Diary.  

One of my most complex designs is Whitby Steps. My Whitby Steps - The story behind the print blog shows the whole process from the photographic inspiration to sketching, to carving the linocut blocks and to printing the finished design.  

How do you make a linocut print with two or more colours?

There are three techniques to make linocut prints with more than one colour. 

  • Reduction linocut print

  • Multi-block linocut print

  • Jigsaw linocut print


What is a multi block linocut print?

Separate lino blocks are used to print each colour in a print.


What is a reduction linocut print?

One piece of lino is used. Areas of the block are cut away as you make your print. Often referred to as a ‘sabotage’ print.


What is a Jigsaw linocut print?

Separate pieces of lino ‘jigsaw’ together to create one design.

Do you do linocut print commissions?

I create linocut prints and hand drawn illustrations for commercial commissions. Projects include book covers, editorial illustrations, marketing materials, home and gift ranges, packaging and labels. Please get in touch if you would like to chat about commercial commissions work. 

At the moment I am not taking on private commissions. However, if you email your thoughts I will certainly add it into my melting pot of ideas. 

What size frame do I need for your prints?


Below is a guide to frame sizes for my linocut prints. Read my How much does it cost to frame a picture? blog to find about more about types of framing, where to buy them and how much they cost.

Large square linocut prints

For example: Littondale. Most of my landscape prints are this size.

Image size 160 x 160mm. Mount aperture 190 x 190mm. Mount outer 305 x 305mm.

I recommend a 305 x 305mm (approx 12 x 12”) picture frame. 


Medium square linocut prints 

For example: Moon Gazing Hare

Image size 125 x 125mm. Mount aperture 143 x 143mm. Mount outer 205 x 205mm.

I recommend a 205 x 205mm (approx 8 x 8”) picture frame. 

Portrait linocut prints 

For example: Holgate Windmill

Image size 125 x 175mm. Mount aperture 145 x 195mm. Mount outer 255 x 305mm.

I recommend a 255 x 305mm (approx 10 x 12”) picture frame. 


Panorama linocut prints 

For example: Millington, Yorkshire Wolds

Image size 250 x 100mm. Mount aperture 280 x 130mm. Mount outer 400 x 250mm.

I recommend a 400 x 250mm picture frame.

Mini series linocut prints

Each design fits into a 5 x 7" frame or can be framed with the complimentary designs as a triptyque. Paper size approx 130 x 180mm. The image size varies per design. As a guide for mounting, the image will be within 70 x 120mm.


Mini series linocut prints as single prints

For example: Yorkshire Coast linocut print, roof tops - blue

I recommend a 130 x 180mm (approx 5 x 7") picture frame. 

Can be framed with or without 100 x 150mm (approx 4 x 6") aperture mount. 


Mini series linocut prints as a set of 3 prints

For example: Yorkshire Three Peaks, set of 3 linocut prints

I recommend mount apertures of 100 x 150mm (approx 4 x 6").

The above frame sizes are given as a guide. Please check before purchasing frames. Michelle Hughes Design accepts no responsibility for frames bought incorrectly. 

Do you offer a framing service?


I may have some prints already professional framed, so please do ask. Pick up from my studio only. Please get in touch

Where can I buy ready-made picture frames?

See my How much does it cost to frame a picture? blog for details.

Which professional picture framing companies do you recommend?

See my How much does it cost to frame a picture? blog for details.

Linocut workshops and online courses

Do you teach online linocut courses?

My new online course 'How to make a linocut for beginners' is now available online. 

The course is self-paced, so that you can study at your own pace and home. You will have full access to the course for one year from the date of purchase. 

I will be launching a follow on course teaching how to make a multi-block lino print in spring 2021.

Do you teach linocut workshops in your studio?

To be first to hear about these please join my mailing list. There is a link my contact page  or let me know.

Workshops in my studio are currently on hold until the COVID-19 situation improves and it is safe to do so. I will post updates in my newsletter and on my workshops page.

Can I buy vouchers for your linocut workshops?

Yes, gift vouchers are available for my workshops. Please get in touch to order. 

Linocut tools and supplies

What tools and equipment do you need to make a linocut print?

See my linocut tools and equipment blog for 10 Essential Tools for Linocut Printing for beginners and links to supplies that sell them online. 


Where can I buy linocut tools and materials in York?

In York Hawthorn Printmaking Supplies sell linocut tools and Soft Cut lino. Blossom Street Gallery sell

water based printing inks and Essdee tools. I’m sure both will be able to deliver by post and possibly drop orders off in York. 


Where can I buy linocut tools and materials online?

You can buy lino printing kits & supplies online at Hawthorn Printmaking Supplies, Handprinted UK and Jackson’s Arts Supplies as well as other online art shops.


What are the best linocut tools to use?
Which type of lino is best for linocut printing?
What are the best printing inks for linocut printing?

See my linocut tools and equipment blog for everything you need to start making your very own hand-carved and hand printed linocut prints.

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