Printmaking - FAQs

What is a linocut print?

A linocut is a relief print made when lines are carved into a lino block. The uncarved areas are inked up using a roller and then printed. The removed areas remain the colour of the paper. Think of it like a homemade stamp.

Multiples of the same image can be printed from the same block with variations in colour.

What is an original print?

​This is an artwork that has been individually hand made and printed by the artist from a block, plate, stone or stencil. This is not a reproduction.


What is a limited edition print?

Prints are made in small numbers to a limited amount. Once that number has been printed the original block is destroyed. As an example limited edition prints are depicted by 1/60, 2/60 etc written underneath each print.


What is a giclée print?

A giclée print is a high quality reproduction, often digitally printed.These can be limited edition.


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