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'Curlew' – Original Linocut Print

The curlew is instantly recognisable by its long downcurved bill, long legs and evocative call. Their call is a delight to hear while walking in the Yorkshire Dales during the spring and summer months. 


This is a three colour print, hand-printed using three hand-carved lino blocks.

Limited edition linocut print.

Edition of 60


Image size 125 x 125mm 

Mount aperture 143 x 143mm

Mount outer 205 x 205mm

Mounted £60

Unframed prints 

Please see my online shop.


Framed prints

Please see my printmaking FAQ page.

Please note that due to the nature of linocut printing being a handmade process, variation will occur.

This adds to their individuality by making each print unique.

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