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‘Autumn Trees’ print commission

This is a lino print commission I worked on in December for a 60th birthday in January. Mike and Mary are both very good friends of mine and so when Mary rang with her idea I was over the moon but also a little nervous as to whether I’d capture what she wanted. They had already bought a couple of my prints and she asked for a tree print twice the height of my square prints to hang with them. I worked on some ideas but a tall portrait print didn’t feel right. So I visualised the prints they had with a rough interpretation of what the new print could look like in Photoshop, so she could see how it worked in different configurations. I worked, she loved the montage of tonal trees in a landscape print.

It was three degrees in my print studio and it took a lot of experimentation to achieve the look and colours that I wanted. So I decamped into my kitchen dinner with the wood burner. A good job I live on my own! The print is printed in oil based inks and hand burnished with my trustee wooden spoon. Mary was delighted with the print, as was Mike on his birthday.

I enjoy making prints that tell as story and this is ‘Autumn Trees’. From left to right...Tree one, from cycling home from Nunnington Hall after delivering my lino prints. Tree two, from the right corner of Barmoor’s garden (Mike and I go to Sophie Carr's wonderful yoga retreats there). Tree three, from the walk we do across the moor from Barmoor to The Nab. Tree four, from my local West Bank Park in York.

Image 487mm 160mm

Mount outer 610mm x 305mm

Printed to order. Get in touch for details.

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