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My journey - Creating my visual identity

This was one of the hardest bits. It’s often about first impressions and you need clear branding to create that great first impression. Designing to someone else’s brief is easy. Designing for yourself is a different matter!

When I’m designing for a client we work together to define a clear brief. I created a story board of logos, icons, colours and fonts I liked and that I felt captured my the type of clients and design work I wanted to attract. My background is graphics, illustration, fashion and homeware and I wanted this to reflect in my brand. I’ve enjoyed working with ethical, environmental, and alternative therapy business , so green felt like the right colour to reflect nature. I wanted the fonts to look hand drawn but be legible so I used an available font. The leaf icon was a design I’d created when I first started lino printing and reflected new beginnings and again nature. I think it also reflects the style of some of my design work.

I could have gone on and on tweaking the designing and changing my mind. Design is subjective, forever evolving and I’m continuously seeing things I like. However I needed to get started and spread the word about my new business. I can change it in the future if I want to. If you look at all the big brands, they do more frequently than you make think. The important thing is to stay true to the brand you’ve created to consistent visual message throughout your business.

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