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Clifford's Tower – The story behind the print

Clifford’s Tower is an iconic landmark in York, especially in spring when daffodils cover the grassy mound below.

The inspiration for this print came from a photograph taken as I cycle home on a bright sunny day in January. The images below show some of the stages in creating the linocut print.

Escaping the snow and planning the design.

The design is drawn onto the two blocks I'll be cutting.

Carving the first block.

The two blocks are carved and ready for inking up and printing.

I mix all my inks myself using oil-based 'transparent' inks.

Inking up the first block.

After the yellow is printed I'll need to wait 1-2 days for it to dry before printing the other colours on top.

Inking up the second block with green for the grass and windows and pale blue for the sky.

Revealing the printed design.

Waiting to dry before adding the daffodil details by hand.

Adding the daffodil details by hand.

The finished print.

I love the print with my new summer chairs in my kitchen diner.

For sizes and details please see my Clifford's Tower page and get in touch to order.

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