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The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair

I took part in The Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair for the first time this year.

Held from 22 to 25 March in The Calder building at the Hepworth in converted mill space. It featured a handpicked selection of over 50 printmakers, collectives and galleries from around the UK.

I shared a stand with thirteen members of York Printmakers across the four days. Working as a group worked well as we could share the cost of the stand, manning the stand and learn the ins and outs of exhibiting at a print fair together.

I was delighted to sell two of my 'Robin Hoods Bay' linocut prints. One was bought by a couple that had their honeymoon in the coastal village.

I learnt one big thing that had never crossed my mind. I can stand up all day on one spot! Absolutely hopeless with low blood pressure. No one wants a passed out printmaker!! So something to think about when I do print fairs on my own.

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