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'Bishy Rd' Print Trail - the story behind the print

Starting on 17th June members of York Printmakers will be creating a 'Bishy Road Print Trail' in York. Each member that is taking part has been allocated a local business to create a bespoke print for. The prints will be exhibited at each business for a month.

I've been creating a print for Angel on the Green. It's one of the most detailed prints I've done so far and has been quite a challenge to get right.

Cutting the plates

I'll be 100% honest that I've struggled on this one. I'm more known for my organic lines and prints inspired by nature. My designs are usually based on real images too. It felt right to do a view of the street with the bunting. I did try to find a view with a tree but the composition didn't work work as well.

Stubborn, determined, call it what you will, I thought I'd give it a go. There have been quite a few, ahhhhh why did I do that moments. You can't stick lino back on! One slip on a straight line and that's it. I cut small amounts each day so that I concentrated properly. It's also a bit kinder on my wrist that I broke last year.

The first plate ready for test printing

Test printing

This is the fun bit. I use water based ink, so that I can leave the ink on and see any places where I need to make changes to the plate.

Adjusting the plate

Next I adjust the plate if I need to. I wanted to add more light light areas into the print and so cut more away in places like the windows.

Playing with colour

Here I was experimenting with printing as a one colour design and with a coloured sky. I've just used a paper mask on a lino block to create the sky or background colour to see if I like it. If I decide to do it that way I'll cut a block properly.

I've just used photocopier paper to print these on and not worried too much about registration etc. It just wanted to play with diffrent colour options.

I also resolved something that was really bugging me, thanks to friends that popped over for a barbie.

Adjusting the plate

The road felt too much of the focus in the print and the design felt more balanced with the right of the print cut off. So one big deep breath and I cut the side off the plate to make it square. No going back now!

Printing the first colour

Once the plates are ready I mix the first colour for printing. I use oil based 'transparent' inks made by a local company 'Hawthorn Printmaking Supplies'.

I leave a couple of days for each colour printed to dry.

Mixing inks for the second colour

I'm quite particular about the tones of colour I use.I've used lost of 'transparent' ink with a dab of yellow and blue. This one took a while to get right with the right balance of blue and yellow.

Printing the second colour

The tabs on top of the paper and the card template help me get the registration on the second colour right.

The finished print waiting to dry with the two lino plates

The finished design

Limited edition linocut prints are available as follows:

Edition of 60

Please contact me to order.

Please note that due to the nature of linocut printing being a handmade process, variation will occur. This adds to their individuality by making each print unique.

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