Inspiration at Rosedale and Blakey Ridge

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I love this time of year on the North York Moors.

Walking on my own isn’t my first choice, I find it lonely. It is growing on me though.

In the past I spent a lot of time backpacking around the world. I took a year out at 34 and spent some of that on my own. I love taking photographs and realised that this was, in part, what stopped me feeling lonely. It gave me something to focus on, in towns it connected me with the people on the streets and in markets, in the countryside it connected me with nature and the landscape. It’s as if the camera focuses the mind. For me it’s about finding the beauty, interest and uniqueness in colour, shapes, textures wherever I am.

Times have changed. On one hand my funds are vastly more limited to travel as I did. I think mainly though I’ve changed, I’ve found that spirit of adventure and beauty on my own doorstep. I can have that adventure everyday if I want to, it’s at my finger tips in Yorkshire after all!

The icing on the cake is that it inspires my work. Does it get any better that that?

My friend Joolz also recently sent me a quote after a chat we’d had on the phone…

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” Seth Godin

I think I’ve found that now and what a lovely thing that is.

On Sunday I’d planned to walk with friends. At the last minute they couldn’t make it. Yes, I did feel pretty fed up. Apart from finding walking on my own lonely, I also get lost in my own back yard even with a paper map and GPS!!!

I’d be working the next two weekends so for my own self care it was really important to get out and connect with nature.

I decided to head up to Blakey Ridge and the do part of the Rosedale Abbey loop. Just see how I felt and make it up along the way.

As I drove up to park at the The Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge the light was magical. Sunshine peaked from under the stormy clouds and lit up the valley towards Low Mill and Church Houses.