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Linocut Printing Workshop - September 18

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays workshop. There was so much enthusiasm from Phill, Máire, Jane and Anne.

I wish I could have captured Jane’s beaming smile on film as she peeled back her print. The reaction to what people create is what makes teaching workshops so special for me.

We also had some very thought provoking discussions and ideas over tea and cake at the end. So watch this space!

What did you enjoy most about the day?

”I loved the whole processing meeting new like minded people. Michelle’s enthusiasm was infectious.”

“Thank you Michelle for a most inspiring day.”

“The fact that it is such an effective result in such a short space of time. I enjoyed the result and also realising that I can go on and learn more in the future.”

“The creative process in the company of others.”

Below are a few photos from a very colourful day!

Find out more about my workshops here.

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