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Inspiration in Grosmont, Egton Bridge and Glaisdale

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend in Grosmont in the Esk Valley with friends. It was my Christmas present to myself.

Another friend had tagged me in a tweet from Jim Leary about the 'trods' in the North York Moors saying they'd make a good picture. I asked Jim which were his favourite, the ones near Glaisdale was his reply. Perfect timing as that was the area we were heading to.

On Saturday we walked from Grosmont along the old railway line to Egton Bridge. From there we picked up the 'Bridge and Glaisdale' walk from the North York Moors National Park website. Find details of their route here.

Changes in the weather meant adapted the route slightly. The walk was 8.5 miles.

The walk follows the River Esk and goes through the woodlands of East Arncliff Wood. Here you can see examples of ancient stone trods or pathways. Some may date from medieval times when monks traveled through the area.

Beggar’s Bridge is in Glaisdale. The bridge was built in 1619 and is single arched packhorse bridge across the River Esk.

Read more about the well-known local tale of romance attached to Beggar’s Bridge here.