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Jigsaw Linocut Printing Workshop - 3 Feb 19

On Sunday I ran my first 'Jigsaw’ linocut printing workshop in my York print studio.

When I first started printmaking I used the ‘jigsaw’ method to create multi-coloured prints. Examples of these can be seen here:

I came to it by playing with ideas and then found out afterwards that a few other people did it too. The jigsaw technique means that your cut design can be inked in multiple colours and printed in one go.

Orna, Sarah, Natasha and Anne had previously been on my Introduction to Linocut Printmaking workshop. Understanding the basics of planning, cutting and printing a design meant we could just straight into creating a design for two or three colour print.

As a group they decided which four colours they would like to use. As you can see it was a colourful day!

What did you enjoy most about the day?

“Every aspect. Meeting like minded people. The entire worship from introduction to final print and tea and cake.”

“Having a whole day trying to be creative. I never have time so it is a wonderful experience.”

“Develop/building on skills learned from previous workshop, learning new techniques, enjoying everyone else’s prints, multi colour and cake.”

“Learning a new skill sync developing the skills I learnt from the previous course. Time spent to be creative.“

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