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Linocut Printing Workshop - 22 June 2019

On Saturday I held my first linocut print hen party workshop.

Ro, Debbie, Katherine, Anna, 7 year old Ruth, baby Rudy joined me in my studio.

Ro, the bride to be, created a print of her wedding venue. Katherine also created a lovely print of the church she’s got married in. Anna created a design for her son.

I’d suggested getting hold of some foam or back of a pizza so that Ruth could join in. Not only did she draw a fabulous lion design for her grandmother to translate into a linocut but she also create 3 fabulous relief prints herself.

Debbie ordered a delightful picnic from Henshelwoods Delicatessen in York, which we all enjoyed in the sunshine in the garden.

Here’s what they said....

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

“Lovely friendly atmosphere and welcoming studio. Clear and understandable instructions and ideas. Beautiful local inks and enjoyable experience of creating a wonderful piece.“

“All of it! Making a piece of art of my own and learning a new craft skill.“


“I most enjoyed drawing my picture for Michelle.“ Ruth aged 7