Best linocut tools for carving lino

Updated: Mar 17

In this blog I've compared a selection of lino cutting tools available in the UK. I've chosen 3 beginners linocut tools sets and one professional set.

Along with a brief description, pros and cons of each set, I've created a video showing each of the tools being used on different types of lino.

Beginners lino tools

  • Essdee lino cutter set

  • Abig lino cutter set

  • Japanese wood carving tools

Professional lino tools

  • Pfeil lino cutting tools

Linocut tools demo

In this video I've demonstrated each of the 4 different types of linocut tools on soft cut / easy carve lino and traditional artists lino.

Videoing myself carving isn't the easiest thing to do. My carving skills seem to go a bit haywire under the one take pressure! I thought that actually seeing the tools being used, rather than my opinion would be useful.

Note. I was carving the traditional lino on a cold day. The tools will carve the lino more easily if it is slightly warmed.

Essdee linocut tools and handle set

Beginners linocut tools

  • Set of 5 or 10 lino cutters.

  • Set of 5 includes 5 blades and one polypropylene handle.

Essdee linocut tools
Essdee linocut tools


  • 5 piece set contains 2 V-shaped cutting blades.

  • Replaceable blades.

  • Best variety of blades for carving easy carve or soft cut lino.


  • Can’t be sharpened.

Abig linocut tools and handle set

Beginners linocut tools

  • Set includes 5 blades and one wooden handle.

Abig linocut tools
Abig linocut tools