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Covid-19 Visors in York Area

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

We are working with individuals and companies to supply FREE face shields/visors for frontline workers in the York area, North Yorkshire.

About us

We are a collective of makers in York, who have come together to use our 3D Printing skills and equipment to support our frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19.

Our intention is to offer a free safety visor to anyone working on the front line in the York Area. This could be shop assistants, teachers, cleaners, care workers, transport staff, delivery drivers, anyone who is required to work with the public during the pandemic.

The aim is to have a network of people/companies with the right skills and equipment to make, print and assemble visors free of charge.

The free 3D-Printed safety visors utilising a design which is being used effectively across Europe. The face shields/visors are made with a combination of 3D printing and laser cut elements, utilising a design  which is being used effectively across Europe.

NEW Covid-19 Visors York website

Our new website is now live. The latest info and all blog updates will be be posted on Covid-19 Visors York from now on.


How you can help?

Please spread the word about what we need and what we are doing.

Donate now

The majority of our collective are self employed (soon to be unemployed) workers who want to use our skills to make a positive difference and support our key workers in these difficult times. But we need money to make this happen.

The money raised will pay for the cost of printing materials such as filaments, UV lights, elastic, and fuel. Any money left unused will be donated to Cavell Nurses Trust

Please go to the Covid 19 Visors YORK AREA Go Fund Me page to donate.

If you need a visor, email with ‘visor please’ in the subject line. We can only provide if you are in York or the surrounding area but we will try and help you find a 3D-Printing group in your area.

If you have a 3D-Printer and want to get involved, email with ‘I have a 3D printer’ in the subject line. If you are in York you can join our team; if you are somewhere else, we can support you to create your own team. We are also utilising laser cutting facilities.

If you can supply materials and want to get involved, email with with ‘I have materials’ in the subject line.


Facebook page for latest info

at Free 3D printed visors for Frontline workers in York area

Coordinating 3D printing, laser cutting, materials supply and distribution

David Young / Joyce at

Coordinating website any graphic design support needed

Michelle Hughes at


Latest updates

Things are moving fast. I will update this page as soon as I have ‘big picture’ information, to help join more dots.

11 April 2020

NEW Covid-19 Visors York website

Our new website is now live. The latest info and all blog updates will be be posted on there from now on.

Thank you to Phil Johnson at Knavesmire Creative

3 April 2020 7pm

Our team is working day and night at the moment to produce and distribute much needed PPE visors to front line workers in York and the surrounding area.

As well as producing the physical visors we have been working on streamlining our processes for taking orders and recruiting volunteers:

If you would like to order 1 or more visors:

Please fill in the Google form - York COVID-19 Visor Request

(We can distribute visors within York and the surrounding areas, but if you are further afield please do get in touch. We will do our best to put you in touch with 3D Printers or similar projects in your region)

If you would like to volunteer or support the project in any way.

Please fill in the Google form - York COVID-19 Volunteer

(If you are based in York you can join our team. If you are based elsewhere please do get in touch as we may be able to support you in running a similar project in your area - alternatively contact 3dcrowduk directly)

Please remember to like, follow and share our content on Facebook and on Twitter @VisorYork

There are over 50 makers, and growing, involved in making the face visors now. Sooooooo much progress has been made to get the visors out to key frontline workers. It's truly inspiring to see how people are pulling together, donating their time and resources in such a short space of time.

A few photos of work in process and one of the first visors modelled by the lovely Barry from Silverwood Exhibitions.

Hot off the press! - Covid-19 Visors York logo

From 4am doodle to our new Covid-19 Visors York logo. Please don’t judge me on my graphic design skills. I’ve been working round the clock with the team on things, while trying to get things going with my own buiness!

The lovely Phil Johnson from Knavesmire Creative is creating a website for us, so they’ll be one central hub to get info. We hope to launch it over the weekend. So watch this space!

Covid-19 Visors York logo ideas
Covid-19 Visors York logo ideas
Covid-19 Visors York logo