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Learn how to make a two and three-colour linocut print, using the multi-block technique

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I'm very excited to be launching my follow-on online course!

This has been my lockdown 3 project through the winter months and early spring.

Learn how to make a multi-block linocut print.

This is the method I now use to create all my multi-colour landscape prints.

About the course

I will show you how to create a two and three-colour linocut print at home, using the multi-block technique.

This is a method of block printing in which more than one piece of lino is used to create a design. Often each colour to be printed is carved onto a separate lino block.

Learn how to:

  • Create a multi-colour linocut print using the multi-block technique.

  • Plan a design for multi-block printing.

  • Make a registration device or jig.

  • Accurately register each lino block so that each colour lines up in a print.

  • Print your design by hand, using water-based or oil-based inks.

  • Create a linocut print that you can print as an edition.

The course includes:

  • Online self-paced learning.

  • Step-by-step guides and instructional videos.

  • Demonstrations of two multi-block print designs from start to finish.

  • Tools and equipment advice as downloadable PDFs.

  • Hints and tips.

  • Creative community and support.

Course trailer

I will explain the process through two examples, one design that is easier to register (line up the lino blocks for printing) and one that is more complex, which is usually how I make my prints.

The designs are carved into traditional grey artists lino, as accurate registration is easier. Soft cut or easy carve lino can also be used.

The demonstrations show one design being printed using water-based inks and the other using oil-based inks. This is purely so that you can see the difference.

Example 1: A two-colour linocut print

An easy design to register (line up each of the printed colours). Hand-printed using water-based inks.

Example 2: A three-colour linocut print

A more advanced design to register. Hand-printed using oil-based inks.

How to plan a multi-block linocut print

I'll explain different ways to create a design for multi-block printing. I'll show you how one design can be made in different ways.