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Linocut Printing Workshops - Sept 2019

This week I've taught two linocut workshops in my studio.

Introduction to linocut workshop - 30 September 19

On Monday Dorothy, Clare, Emma and Linda joined me for a creative day in my studio.

Here’s what they said....

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

“Really good tuition, plenty of tutor time & advice, generous use of materials, good company & homemade cake!”

“Learning a new skill and having time to do something creative for myself.”

“The fact that it was a full day and we learnt the whole process. I liked progressing my ideas. Lovely group.”

“Small group so lots of one to one and opportunity to ask questions, Learning inking techniques.”

Emma created a linocut design of waterlilies. The inks we used are Hawthorn oil based ink, so she was able to add pink and yellow watercolour highlights straight away.

Dorothy joined me for the second time. She created a linocut based on a sketch of dog she used to have that loved watching out for Concord, hence the butterfly.

Clare created a design of woodland flowers and mushrooms, using a variety of line widths to create moment.

Linda created a design from a photograph in the Yorkshire Dales, inking the lino block up in green, then blue. She had time to carve some some sunflower card designs too.

Introduction to linocut workshop - 28 September 19

On Saturday Jackie, Sophie, Edwina and Susan joined me on my introduction to linocut workshop.

Jackie created a fig tree design with a long sweeping curves. She hand coloured the figs in one of her prints.

Sophie are with a few ideas. One was to create a linocut of verbena bonasaries. I still had some flowering in my garden so we were able to look a how the stems overlapped and the flower heads where spaced.

Edwina created a sunflower design using different mark making techniques to create the petals and seed head.

Susan created a design from sycamore leaves and seeds, printing it in a forest green.

Here’s what they said....

What did you enjoy the most about the day?