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'Roker Pier', Sunderland – Original Linocut Print

The inspiration for this print came from a visit to Roker Pier to take photos for a commission.


Roker Pier and Lighthouse protects the entrance to Sunderland's harbour. It was built between 1885 and 1903. In 2012 the pier, tunnel and lighthouse were restored and you can now go on guided tours of the tunnel and lighthouse.

Read my 'How I made Roker Pier' blog here.

Mounted limited edition prints

Image size: 125mm x 125mm

Mount outer: 230mm x 230mm (9 x 9”)

Edition size: 60 copies

Unframed prints 

Please see my online shop.


Framed prints

Please see my printmaking FAQ page.

Please note that due to the nature of linocut printing being a handmade process, variation will occur.

This adds to their individuality by making each print unique.

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