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'Introduction to linocut printing' workshop

On Sunday I ran my first ‘Introduction to linocut printing’ workshop in my studio in York.

Sally and Angela spent the day in my studio learning how to create a unique simple linocut print. They learnt about the tools and materials needed, how to plan a design, cut the lino and print their design by hand.

In the morning Sally and Angela carved and printed a test print, so that they could experiment and learn about the different techniques.

With my guidance, they then planned their design, transferring this onto the lino block and then carved and printed their design.

Sally’s inspiration came from a tile she’d done a sketch of whilst visiting the Bowed Museum in Barnard Castle. She chose a vibrant vermilion red to print her design in.

Angela’s inspiration came from a book she brought with her, containing photographs of Scotland. Her design is based on a photo of Stac Pollaidh, that she’s hiked up. She chose a moss green to print her design.

The day was a great success. I was so thrilled to see the look on both their faces as they peeled back their print from the inked block and saw what they’d printed.

Here’s what they said..

‘“I enjoyed the immersion in creativity”

“I can’t believe I made it!”

“I loved designing one thing, something I don’t normally have time to do”

If you’d like to find out more about my workshops, please join my mailing list or get in touch.

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