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Linocut Printing Workshop - 23 June 2019

On Sunday’s workshop Ali, Louise, Bernadette and Brenda joined me for my ‘Introduction to linocut printing’ workshop.

Brenda and Bernadette had some previous experience in linocut, where as Ali and Louise where complete beginners.

Here’s what they said....

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

"Everything - lovely staying, teaching, company, released atmosphere, trying something new and creative. Really supper teaching, thank you."

"Michelle’s help and support. Learning new techniques

and taking my prints home."

"Thanks Michelle for a great day. I’ve been looking forward to this for months. Not disappointed."

"The creative process - being helped to create my own unique image then. Plan and execute its completion."

"Achieving something that I thought would be too difficult and leaning how to carve area for later painting with watercolour... fantastic! "

Ali created a Lino print of eucalyptus flowers and nuts. She printed the design in sage green. The inks we used are Hawthorn oil based ink, so she was able to add pink and yellow watercolour highlights straight away.

Louisa carved a linocut print of camomile flowers in a lovely sunny yellow.

Bernadette used a lovely pencil sketch of an swimming otter that she drawn as inspiration for her linocut print.

Brenda created a linocut design of a goldfinch on a teasel seed head based on a photograph. She printed the design in a sepia oil based ink and hand coloured the red, yellow and black highlights with watercolour paints.