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Beginners linocut workshops - Winter 2024

I'll add photos from each workshop as I teach my beginner's linocut workshops through winter. If you’d like to learn how to make a linocut print, see my linocut workshops and online courses page for links to each of my courses and workshops.

Saturday, 13 January 2024 - Introduction to linocut printing

The first linocut workshops of the year. It’s the first time they’ve tried lino print since school, or at all. Aren’t their prints amazing? Alice created a print-based drawing of some of her plants and plant pots, Estella made a print of an owl,  Hayley created a seed head print, and Gill created a print based on a photo she’d taken while out walking.

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

"Being creative: a supportive atmosphere, learning a new skill, having time to think about a design and being creative."

"Encouragement and steady pace of teaching from Michelle. Friendly with individual support when needed."

"Everything! I suppose cutting the line is my favourite stage. "

Friday, 19 January 2024 - Introduction to linocut printing

Friday’s beginners linocut workshop. Jackie created a series of mini prints for cards and to mount off-centre in photo frames. Becky created a print of Swaledale based on one of her photos, and Jane made a print of lilies and Anthonia, a print of a whale tale in the sea.

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

“Lovely teacher! Being creative. Trying different things out. Thank you!”

“Seeing the end result and having plenty of advice.”

“All the help from Michelle and seeing what everyone else produced. Really enjoyable, thank you.” 

“I learned a new skill.”

Friday, 2 February 2024 - Introduction to linocut printing

A creative Friday with Amy, Becca, Tess and Jo. Amy was inspired by vintage mushroom illustrations from the Natural History Museum archives. Becca’s print was based on a photo she took at the Valley of Stones in Dorset. Tess’s print was inspired by a photo she took of the cliffs on the Farne Islands, and Jo’s composed a collection of seed heads. 

“Wonderful! Clear and comprehensive, but suitable for all levels of confidence, or lack of. It felt really welcoming, the pitch level was just right, and four participants was the perfect number.”

“A very informative and satisfying day, letting your creative spirit flow."

“Wonderfully hands-on, and you’ll make something that surprises yourself!”

“Fun, absorbing, challenging and creative.”

Saturday, 3 February 2024 - Introduction to linocut printing

Saturday’s beginner's linocut workshop. Jenny and Sandra came to York for the weekend and created prints inspired by photos they’d taken of the Forth Bridge and The Tay Road Bridge in Scotland. Sophie-Rose and Rachel came over on the train from Manchester for the day to make a whale print and a linocut print of a photo of a mountain goat she’d taken on holiday.

"Brilliant! A really friendly, informative, inspiring course. I learned so much, and Michelle was really helpful in developing and refining my design."

"A fun day workshop in York. Good company, instruction for using linocutting as a beginner. Come up with an idea and some basic sketches."

"A great way to ease you into linocutting. No previous experience is needed, but a fab way to draw and learn how to linocut."

"Really fun and informative. Super rewarding."

Friday 23 February 2024 - Introduction to linocut printing

Fridays linocut workshop. Rosemary created a snowdrop print, Jane made a Moringa tree print, Ellie carved a print based on snowy mountains photos from her holiday, and Erika created a print of a cactus in a pot. 

“A relaxed, informative introduction to linocut printing, learning everything you need to know from original design ideas to finished print. Thank you Michelle, it was a great day.”

“An engrossing, creative day with the perfect balance of teaching, assistance, ideas and space to play and try things out. I enjoyed the small, friendly group, so lots of time. It feels wonderful to see my image printed at the end of the session.”

“Very informative and absorbing. Really enjoyable and creative process. Very rewarding to see the final result.” 

“A great introduction to lino printing taught in a small group in a cosy garden workshop. Really enjoyed rediscovering my creativity with help from Michelle!”

 Saturday 24 February 2024 - Introduction to linocut printing

This weekend’s linocut workshop. Ellie carved a print of her terrace house in York. Kay’s print was inspired by a photo she took on a boat trip to the Farne Islands in Northumbria. She used various mark-making techniques to create the textures and tones in the cliffs. Rachel based her print on her favourite tree in her village and plans to add watercolour to the sky at home. We use oil-based inks in my workshops, so it’s a simple and effective way of adding colour. Katie loves Brutalist architecture and created a print of The National Archives in Kew.

“Fun, relaxing, professional, loved the end result.”

"A really lovely workshop with lots of time to really understand how to make a good print. Lots of support. Friendly but also relaxing and calming.”

“Great fun and meditative. Michelle was very patient and good company. I’m a complete beginner but was so happy with my print and the experience.”

Friday, 15 March 2024 - Introduction to linocut printing

Debbie created a palm tree print from a holiday photo. Harry made a ginkgo leaf lino print, and Louise created a fish linocut, experimenting with a variety of mark-making. Karen created a mountain snow scene inspired by her holiday photos. 

“Incredible! I’ve wanted to try this for such a long time, and it did not disappoint. Give it a go. Fabulous day.”

“Fun. intro to a world of linocut printing. Knowledgeable host.”

‘A great introduction to the art of linocutting in a friendly and encouraging environment. Small group size makes it more personable with plenty of one to one advice and support from Michelle.”

"A great introduction to linocut. Small group, well paced, informative and lots of advice and support. A very enjoyable day. Thank you.”

Monday, 18 March 2024 - Introduction to linocut printing

Jo created an oak leaf and acorn print, and Jacquline carved a chicken lino print. Amanda made a linocut print of Sycamore Gap. 

“A nice, supportive, informative workshop. I enjoyed the discussions and sharing of ideas with Michelle and the other participants.”

“Great opportunity to learn the basics of lino print from a professional artist and great teacher. Small numbers, friendly group.”

Would you like to learn how to make a linocut print?

Online courses

Online self-paced learning. Study at your own pace at home with instructional videos and step-by-step guides.

  • Beginners guide to linocut printing

  • How to make a multi-block linocut print

Linocut workshops in Yorkshire

My linocut workshops are all held in my York print studio. I teach in small groups of four people, so everyone gets lots of one-to-one tuition.

  • Introduction to linocut printing workshop

  • Follow on 'jigsaw' linocut printing workshop

  • How to make a multi-block linocut print workshop

See my linocut workshops and online courses page for links to each course and workshop.

Linocut and printmaking tools and materials

Learn more about the tools and equipment needed to create linocut prints in my Linocut Tools and Materials blog.

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Happy lino cutting!



About the author

Michelle Hughes is a North Yorkshire landscape artist. Much of her work depicts the Yorkshire landscape and Yorkshire coast, including the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors.

Michelle loves exploring the British countryside by bike or on foot, camera in hand, capturing ideas for her next prints. Back in her garden studio, Michelle creates simple but stylised silhouettes based on her photographs, and hand carves these shapes into lino. She hand prints with an etching press, using oil-based inks to create tonal blocks of colour.

Michelle’s original linocut prints are limited editions.

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