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Follow on Linocut Printing Workshops - February 2020

This month I’m teaching 6 linocut workshops.

In this blog I’ll share with you my follow-on workshop, jigsaw linocut print. The linocut process enables everyone to make a 2 to 3 colour lino print in one day. That’s with oil based inks too!

The jigsaw linocut method involves carving the design from one lino block. It is then cut up into sections for inking in different colours. The Lino pieces are brought together to complete the design. The paper is then placed on top and rubbed with a wooden spoon to transfer the design to the paper.

The method means that the design can be printed in one go. This is quicker than reduction linocut print or multi block linocut print as you don’t need to wait for each colour to dry before printing the next.

It can also be used simply as a way of grouping several design elements and printing them in one go.

Sunday 2 Feb 2020

A brilliant day playing with multi coloured linocut prints on my follow on workshop. I’ll share more about the ‘jigsaw’ linocut printing technique in my blog next week. Peri, Susan, Alison and Carol had previously been in my intro workshop. Fantastic results and such enthusiasm. My cheeks hurt from smiling!

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

“Everything!!! Wonderful day learning this lovely technique. As always, Michelle was so patient and helpful. (And the cake!!!).”
“Lots of one-on-one help and a friendly atmosphere. Autonomy to create the exact design we wanted.”
“Again, what a relaxing day with a good result. Very pleased to complete the project successfully. Thank you.“
“Process worked really well and everyone finished with a print they’re really happy with. Good information beforehand helped us prepare.”

Sunday 9 Feb 2020

Dorothy, Nicky, Jen and Alison to joined me for an inky playful day. What better way to spend a when Storm Clara is blowing a hooley outside!

We used 7 colours of ink as some of the designs benefited from having tones of one colour.