How to make a lino stamped Christmas card

Learn how to make simple stamped Christmas cards at home. 

I've always made my own cards, whether they've been painted, linocut or made from collage. A homemade Christmas card brings so much joy to friends and family.

This is a design I made a couple of years ago. I've carved the design into lino and rather than using ink and roller, I have used ink pads.

Stamps are a great way to make handmade cards as you can make lots of them!

You will need

  • Lino tools

  • Soft cut or easy carve lino

  • Ink pad

  • Blank cards

  • Knife or scissors, cutting matt, pens and pencils.

  • Optional: tracing paper, blocks to mount stamps onto and double sided tape.

  • Creative imagination!

Step 1

Draw or transfer your design onto the lino with a pencil.

Remember your design needs to be in reverse on the lino.

Top Tip: I use tracing paper to flip the design. By rubbing the reverse of the paper the carbon will transfer onto your lino.

If it helps, go over your design with a permanent marker.

Step 2

Begin to carve out the design.

IMPORTANT: The blades on the lino tools are sharp. Ensure you are always cutting away from your supporting hand.

Step 3

Cut out your design with a knife or scissors.

If you prefer you can remove the area around your design with lino tools and roughly cut out the shape afterwards.

Step 4

You’re now ready to stamp your design using an ink pad.

Top Tip: I find it easier to stick the lino stamps onto blocks with double sided tape.

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About the artist

Michelle Hughes is a North Yorkshire landscape artist. Much of her work depicts the Yorkshire landscape and Yorkshire coast, including the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors.

Michelle loves exploring the British countryside by bike or on foot, camera in hand, capturing ideas for her next prints. Back in her garden studio, Michelle creates simple but stylised silhouettes based on her photographs, and hand carves these shapes into lino. She hand prints with an etching press, using oil-based inks to create tonal blocks of colour. Michelle’s original linocut prints are limited editions.

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