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Linocut workshops March 2022

This month I'm teaching 4 lino print workshops. I'll add photos from them after each workshop.

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Debra made a linocut print of a kiwi using sketchy style mark making and printed it in terracotta black. Caroline’s silver birch linocut print was inspired by walking in local woods. Delicate marks in the foreground contrasted against the areas cutaway for the bark of the trees. Her mum, Christine made a print of a lotus flower, cutting the shape out of the softcut lino. Neil created a landscape print with very small sheep in the foreground.

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

“Learning a new craft and having fun! A lovely group of people and Michelle has the patience of a saint!
“Learning how to do linocut. How versatile and therapeutic it is. A lovely group of people.”
“Learning a new skill.”

Saturday 5 March 2022

Saturday’s creativity. All beginners. Lynne created a linocut print of a zentangle flower. Joan’s print was based on her iPad sketch, with her swimming in the sea dn her dog watching from the shore. What an achievement to carve a tiny dog like that!

Jan’s lino print combined marks bade with the V and U shaped gouges for seed and flower heads. Alison's lino ptit was based on a photo of a favourite place to stay.

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

“Relaxed atmosphere, small friendly group, Fun to do something different.”
“Learning the process and techniques. Having a finished piece and being creative. Advice to help with your project. Being with other creative people.”
“Learning a new skill, having helpful tuition and taking home a print worthy of framing!”
“Everything! Fabulous day. Thank you. Inspiring venue.”

Monday 14 March 2022

Sally created a lino print based on a monoprint she’s previously made. Pete carved a linocut of a motorbike, adding details to give the impression of speed and movement. Gina’s foxglove print was based on a photograph. Mandy carved a robin using the lino tools to carve loose sketchy marks. This can be a very effective way to create a design, particularly if you're less confident with drawing.

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

“Learning the basics of linocutting with lots of hints and tips and clear explanations.”
“Learning the linocut technique and appreciating the work that goes into the final products.”
“I thought the balance was great all the way through.”

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Mo’s botanical linocut print was based on a sketch of a Swiss cheese plant. Leaving the ‘noise’ or ‘chatter’ in a print can be really effective and create interest in contrast to the more blocked areas of colour. Fiona created a mountain scene with snow. The stars were created using a flick of the V-shaped gouge. A bit harder to get the knack off. Claire’s lino print was based on a photograph of a flight of canal locks. Tricky to get perspective and a sense of depth in a one colour print. Leaving some of the details out gave the design a rhythm between the carved lines and printed areas.

One of the things I enjoy most about teaching is helping bring ideas alive. From that initial sketch or photograph, to something that works well as a lino print.

What did you enjoy the most about the day?

"Everything! Lovely studio, great information & guidance & the luxury of devoting total headspace to something creative."
"Learning something completely new and going home with my own picture. Great studio too.. Nice cake. Given the right amount of help."
"Creating an impression of a real place, using different techniques and tools."

I’m taking a break from teaching until the end of April, so that I can focus on York Open Studios.

Would you like to learn how to make a linocut print?

Online courses

Online self-paced learning. Full access for one year, so that you can study at your own pace and home. Instructional videos and step-by-step guides.

  • Beginners guide to linocut printing

  • How to make a multi-block linocut print

Linocut workshops

My linocut workshops are all held in my York print studio. I teach in small groups of no more than four people, so that everyone gets lots of one to one tuition.

  • Introduction to linocut printing workshop

  • Follow on 'jigsaw' linocut printing workshop

See my linocut workshops and online courses page for links to each of my courses and workshops.

Linocut and printmaking tools and materials

Find out more about the tools and equipment needed to create linocut prints in my 'lino cutting equipment' blog.

See step-by-step how I make my linocut prints

See examples of how I make my linocut prints in the Studio Diary section of my blog.

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Happy linocutting!



About the author

Michelle Hughes is a North Yorkshire landscape artist. Much of her work depicts the Yorkshire landscape and Yorkshire coast, including the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors.

Michelle loves exploring the British countryside by bike or on foot, camera in hand, capturing ideas for her next prints. Back in her garden studio, Michelle creates simple but stylised silhouettes based on her photographs, and hand carves these shapes into lino. She hand prints with an etching press, using oil-based inks to create tonal blocks of colour.

Michelle’s original linocut prints are limited editions.

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