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York Open Studios 2021

10-11 and 17-18 July 2021

A huge thank you to everyone who visited my studio over the two weekends. It was an absolute joy to be chatting all things inky in-person again. I love showing people how I make my prints. I've soooo missed the buzz of that. I've loved every minute of being a bit more 'normal'.

Celebrating 20 years of York Open Studios, 146 artists took part across 95 venues in York.

With things as they are, I took the decision to do the event on my own without help this year. It was a little stressful to start with, especially the extra COVID-19 measures in place. I was limited to 6 people inside and 30 inside, so I needed to keep a close eye on everything. I’ve also been quite a hermit and barely had anyone in my house.

For me, visitor numbers were 50% down on previous years. But that did mean that there was plenty of space and lots more of me to chat to everyone that came!.

Studio and pop up gallery

A speedy tour of my studio and house, aka pop up gallery, all set up for York Open Studios.

My print studio

Pop up gallery. Aka, my kitchen dining room!

Online courses and workshops

I created 3 boards to show my courses and workshops. My online courses are self-paced learning and you can start at any time. I’m planning to start my studio workshops in September.

I'm just finalising dates and putting some details together to ensure that everyone is fully informed and feels comfortable in my studio.

Find out more about my linocut workshops and linocut online courses.

Behind the scenes

It takes a long time to get ready for an event like this. Firstly there’s hand-printing any designs that are running low and ensuring they have time to dry. Then, there’s mounting, signing and numbering each one.

Once my work was ready, I worked out how to hang everything, labeled it all and turned my kitchen dining room into a pop up gallery. Behind closed doors it's always chaos, with my clearer out furniture and packaging and things piled high!

I usually stand in my kitchen when I’m doing open studio ev