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International Women’s Day – Who's inspired me

It’s International Women’s Day today, so I thought I’d share the women who have inspired me and helped me on my journey...

My mum – I wouldn’t be where I am without her (and my dad). I’m from a working class background. Mum and dad left school at 15 and uni wasn’t an option. I am forever grateful that they wanted my brother and I to go to uni even though finances where very tight. My mum’s always there to bounce ideas, help me make stuff, encourage me and help me solve my own problems.

Sally Duffin, Nutrition in York – My best friend, so I’m slightly biased. She has been the inspiration behind me talking the leap to set up my own business. Seeing Sally grow through the ups and downs of running her own business made me think I can do that to. She’s a wonderfully supportive friend to have and seems to know everything you need to know!

Sophie Carr, The Stables Yoga - I’ve been going to Sophie’s classes and yoga retreats for 8 years. I’ve been through a few ups and downs, including redundancies. Sophie has the knack of knowing when you need that extra bit of TLC in class and that means a lot. It would be easy to take yoga off the list of outgoings when finances are tight but in each of those times it’s given me the mental strength and support to stay on track.

Jules Wyman, The Confidence Garden – Many people appear to be confident on the outside but don’t have the authentic inner confidence to match. That was me. My path with Jules crossed a couple of years ago, just as I was exploring taking the leap from working in a secure corporate job, to taking the leap of faith on my own and setting up my own business. Her coaching has and support has been invaluable.

Moon Sharma, TARA Projects in India

When I was working at Shared Earth I was privilege to work with Moon out in Delhi. She has incredible drive and passion. For over forty years TARA Projects has been working to fight exploitation, poverty, illiteracy and to protect the rights of marginalised communities.

Vena Lal, Karm Marg in India – Again I had the privilege to work with Vena out in Delhi. Karm Marg was borne out of the need to provide a secure and loving environment to disadvantaged children and youth from the streets and railway stations. An inspirational woman leading great change.

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